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Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday)

Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday as it is sometimes called is the celebration of The Last Supper Christ shared with his apostles. The liturgical colour if White. 

 The mass begins with a procession from the back of the church as per a normal mass. As with most of the masses during the Holy Week special items such as the thurible for incensing may be used. The gospel reading will tell how Jesus washed the feet of his apostles as a sign to them, that they were to serve others not to be served.

After the homily acolytes and altar servers will usually set up 12 chairs. Twelve men and women chosen from within the parish will come forward and sit in them. Father will then remove his chasuble and with a bowl of water and a towel commence to wash the feet of the chosen people.

Once this is complete mass resumes as normal until the end of communion.

After communion (and this may vary a little from one parish to another). The Blessed Sacrament is not returned to the tabernacle rather it is left on the altar ontop of the corporal. Father will then approach the altar (by this point all altar servers and acolytes have progressed to line up in front of the altar facing father). Father will then incense the ciborium and with the assistance of the deacon or acolyte put on the humeral veil. He will then take the ciborium and being led by the altar servers he will approach the altar of repose. 

All will kneel here where father will then incense the altar and as with benediction begin the "Tantum" prayer. Once this is completed everyone leaves in silence. The main altar is then stripped bare and depending on the custom of that parish, statues may be covered with purple cloth.