We Serve The Lord

Palm Sunday (Passion Sunday)


This marks the beginning of the Holy Week ceremonies. Palm Sunday (or Passion Sunday as it is sometime referred) is different to Ordinary Time masses. The liturgical colour used for Palm Sunday is Red. You will notice that the church has been decorated with red cloths and banners. In some churches the candles will also be red. The vestments worn by the Priest and the Deacon are all red as are the cintures work

The mass is begins with the congregation gathered outside of the church where a special Gospel is read and holy water is used to bless thepalms, before a special procession into the church. If a procession is not possible then a Solemn Procession is conducted. In this case the procession occurs within th church as it would during ordinary time but the palms are blessed at the beginning.

During this mass the Passion of Our Lord is read. No candles or thurible is used here due to the fact that the Gospel will be read at three locations and is very long. Everyone in the church is often invited to sit. Three readers (the priest / deacon and two others) will then proceed to the their appointed spots to begin the reading of the Passion.

After this the mass continues as it would during ordinary time.

Items Used for this Mass

  • Thurible & Boat
  • Book (for gospel reading outside)
  • Processional Cross
  • Candles
  • Holy Water (to bless the palms)